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Nae Nae Second Visit with Photo shoot!

Training Session!

I wanted to introduce the clicker to the puppies and the breeder already taught them the marker word "yes". This a very common way of dog training and I really like to teach both a clicker and mark word "yes" combo when training dogs.

What is clicker training?

Clicker training, or mark and reward, is a form of positive reinforcement dog training. It is a way we can bridge the gap in communication between human and dog.

"The techniques are based on the science of animal learning, which says that behaviors that are are more likely to be repeated in the future. So rather than focusing on what your dog is doing wrong, and taking good behavior for granted, clicker training flips the script and concentrates on what your dog is doing right." - AKC

I like the clicker because it is...

  1. Clear

  2. Consistent

  3. Predictable

  4. Accurate

  5. Free of emotions

  6. Free of gender

  7. Free of tone

By using a clicker, it gives our dog instant feed back. I have clicked, you did something that I liked and now I promise a reward is coming.

Video Of Clicker Training

The video below shows and states how and why I am using a clicker with Nae Nae and her siblings. I loaded the clicker first, meaning I took a handful of tiny treats and had the puppies do nothing but listen for the click and take a treat. I did about 10 reps of Click Treat Repeat.

Now that they understood click means yummy treat I applied to behaviors that I liked ( Classical Conditioning) I am purposely not saying anything, I just wait for a sit for example, as soon as her butt hits the ground I click (mark) and reward. I also use lure training to teach a lay down. Again, I am not saying any commands. I take the treat, bring it to her nose and slowly bring my hand downward, she will follow my had with the treat and as soon as she lays down, I mark by clicking and give the reward and even praise her.

I eventually will phase out the lure (which is super important!) and also add a verbal cue. But for now I am going at the puppies pace. Each dog will learn at a different rate, so keep that in mind with your puppy. Do not go off of what other people and their dogs are doing. Go at your own puppies training pace.

I am very lucky the breeder has been so great with teaching the basic too these pups! They will now have a great advantage when they are given to their new owners.

Photo Shoot Fun!!

So, I was given a wagon by Nae Nae's new owners and that is where I decided to try to get all 4 puppies into the wagon and photograph them. I got them! But holy moly was it an experience.

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