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Mat Work - Settle

The mat is a great way to train a dog to be calm and quiet.

Once your dog has learned the skill, there are countless ways to use it. For example:

  • When your dog is a little too excited and needs to settle, the mat becomes a place to relax and practice patience.

  • When you need to give your guests some extra space.

  • When someone knocks at your door or rings the doorbell, cue the dog to go to mat so that your visitor isn’t mobbed by an excited canine.

  • When you’re enjoying a meal.

  • Multiple dog homes can run with less chaos if each dog is able to go to his mat on cue. When you’re training, invite your dog to settle on a mat as a break between sessions or while you work with another dog. Taking turns is an important lesson for dogs, too.

  • When you need to build self-control, send the dog to mat and incrementally add greater levels of distraction to help the dog build steadiness and control.

  • To keep your dog clean, the mat provides a comfortable spot where she is protected from heat, cold, or damp surfaces. -"coldnosecollege"


Have a good release word

Make sure you are only changing one variable at a time. We want our dogs to be successful so we need to set them up for success!

Practice! Repeat!

Be consistent and clear

Practice in multiple locations with the mat.

Go at your dogs own pace

*If your dog gets off the mat, you have moved to the next step too quickly and you will have to slow down and make sure they remain on the mat until you release them.

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