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Bring Home Nae Nae

What an exciting morning! 8 am start and off the Brighton to pick up Nae Nae! Her hoomans were both super excited and a little nervous about bring her home!

Nae Nae Set up

Setting up a safe place where she can stay out of trouble.

  • A long term confinement is great for when you can not watch your pup. It has a crate, water, toys, and a potty area.

  • Short term confinement would be a crate that she can stand up and turn around in. If the crate is too large, there is a high probability that they will potty on one end.

Bring Nae Nae Home!

We went to pick up little Nae Nae in the morning. We actually got to hang out with all her siblings a bit before we left. They were pretty tired so it was a great time to take her home.

The Car ride home.

  • First, the car needed to be puppy safe.

  • Having a crate that she can stay safe in while driving.

  • Some toys and yummy treats so it can be a positive experience

  • Having a person drive and having a person on puppy duty to keep her calm and happy is a plus.

Nae Nae did so well on the ride home. We even hit traffic. No whinny or crying! I was very impressed. There were blankets in the crate for comfort and we hid yummy treats within the blanket so it kept her mind busy. We also offered some toys to her as well but the hunt for treats was her number 1 choice.

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