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10 Things to Think About!

Having a happy healthy dog!

This is from a podcast called Bravo Dog Knowledge--- a good podcast if you ever want to learn more about dogs!

I was listening to this podcast the other day and I had to share!

  1. Body Language -- Learn! it is the best way to know what your dog wants and does not want.

  2. Expecting too much from your dog- setting them up for success.

  3. Being aware of other dogs and humans around- not all dogs want to be around dogs or humans - other dogs have different needs some people do not want to be greeted by dogs.

  4. Are your dog's needs being met? Mental, physical.

  5. Importance of health. promoted longevity. How does your dog feel?

  6. Deprivation- Dogs love to do things we might not like, like digging and barking, chewing. We shouldn't deprive them of this because it will come out in ways like chewing up your shoes vs a bone. Give them natural outlets!

  7. Is your dog getting undisturbed sleep? Puppies need about 20 hrs adult dogs about 12-14 hrs. Create a Zen spot (quiet nap area).

  8. Give your dog options. Importantly let them say "no thanks" Advocate for your dog- it is our job is to make them feel safe and to trust you.

  9. Concept of control over your dog. How we treat our dogs. Should never feel like there is a power struggle.

  10. How you view your relationship with your dog. Should feel like companionship. Not controlling your dog. having a dog is no to give an "ego boost" Should be balanced!

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